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February 19, 1993|By Greg Tasker | Greg Tasker,Staff Writer

Mount Airy Mayor Gerald R. Johnson laid the numbers on the table yesterday in a message to the Frederick County commissioners: Give the town more money for roads and other public services.

"It's in the best interest of [our] residents of Frederick County to consider more allocations to the fire company," Mr. Johnson said. "We are increasing our service to Frederick County quite a bit."

The mayor said the Carroll County commissioners contribute about $163,000 annually to the town's Fire Department, but the Frederick commissioners allot only about $18,000. The number of calls to each county are about the same, he said.

Town officials met with Carroll and Frederick county commissioners yesterday to discuss several issues, including road and fire funding. Mount Airy straddles the Frederick-Carroll county line.

"You do not help provide these immediate services like Carroll does," Mount Airy Town Council President R. Delaine Hobbs told the Frederick commissioners.

Frederick Commissioner Bruce Reeder said his county's contribution to the town Fire Department is based on the population in that part of the county. Town officials conceded that the town's Frederick residents help finance the Fire Department through town taxes.

However, they said, the Mount Airy Fire Department is serving more people outside town limits in Frederick County. The department answered 232 ambulance calls to Frederick last year, compared with 324 in Carroll. It responded to 206 fire calls in Frederick and 220 in Carroll.

Police funding has been more equitable, town officials said. Frederick receives $1.4 million in state dollars for police and gives $3,300 to Mount Airy. Carroll receives $1.1 million in state police dollars and donates $3,300 to the town.

Road funding is different, however.

Frederick receives about $7.7 million from the state and gives nothing to Mount Airy to maintain roads, Mayor Johnson said. Carroll County receives $6.9 million in state dollars and gives about $10,000 to the town.

The mayor said increasing development in Frederick County has an impact on Mount Airy's roads.

"Have you thought about helping us in some way?" he asked.

"If you've been overlooked, that's not right," said Frederick Commissioner David P. Gray.

Frederick Commissioner Sue Ann Yingling said the proper forum for the town to address inequities is the Frederick County Council of Government, made up of the county's municipalities.

"That's the forum they need to use to express their concerns and become part of the decision-making process," Ms. Yingling said. "We work on a regular basis to solve problems and achieve amicable solutions with municipalities."

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