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February 19, 1993

Police officer commended for lead in murder

A four-year county police officer received a commendation last night for his work in identifying Brian Arthur Tate as a &L suspect in the murder of a 19-year-old Cape St. Claire man who was stabbed by a jealous rival suitor in February 1992.

Police said that Officer Gordon Cobb's "keen observations and quick actions," led to a quick arrest in the case that might not otherwise have been possible.

Tate, then 16 and a former Broadneck High School quarterback, stabbed Jerry Lee Haines 24 times because he was dating Tate's former girlfriend. Tate has been sentenced to life in prison.

Officer Cobb, who helped investigate the murder, had dealt with a dispute between the victim and suspect in late 1991.

When Officer Cobb went to Mr. Tate's home soon after the murder, he noticed fresh scrape marks on the teen's knuckles and knee, police said. That information allowed police to obtain a search warrant for the house.


* Severna Park: Someone broke into the Pasadena Bike Works store Tuesday in the 8200 block of Ritchie Highway Tuesday. Police do not know what was taken.

* Severna Park: Burglars broke into a home Tuesday in the 8300 block of Woodland Drive and took jewelry valued at $880.

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