His fashion sense hops after midnight


February 18, 1993|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Staff Writer

No wonder passers-by confuse After Midnight for a nightclub. There's music, dancing and a hip young crowd hanging around the clothing racks.

It all fits the style of fashion rebel Mark Horner, who with his mother owns the eclectic women's clothing store in Fells Point that occasionally stays open until 2 a.m.

Although he didn't know a bustier from a brassiere when he entered the business 10 months ago, Mr. Horner, 29, wasn't flustered. The venture has forced him to tone down his personal taste, though, especially during New York buying trips.

"My mother insisted on ordering everything at first," he says. "All I was picking out were these tight black slinky things."

Does owning a store add pressure to getting dressed in the morning?

No. Down here everything is real casual. During the week, I usually wear jeans, black loafers and a black leather jacket. On the weekends, it's a pair of slacks, one of our Jerry Garcia ties, a Hugo Boss dress shirt and the craziest socks I can find.

Why crazy socks?

EIt's a personality thing. Unless a guy is dressed to a T in a suit or has the looks, he just fades in with everybody else. Little things like socks and ties help you stand out.

Which are the craziest?

Christmas socks that say "Ho Ho Ho" all over them. My craziest tie has outrageous colors, electric blues and bright reds, all over it. The louder, the better, I say. Half the time, people say, "That's great." Half the time, they say, "That's ugly." But any comment is great.

What's the most outrageous outfit you own?

I have a long denim dress I wore for Halloween. I took one of the blond wigs from a mannequin and wore mascara and lipstick. I got three date offers that night. I think I might look too good as a girl. That's scary.

Anything you wouldn't dare wear today?

wouldn't wear bell-bottoms and those Birkenstocks. I would never wear Docksiders, an oxford shirt or a striped tie.

Sounds like you're a bit of a rebel about clothes.

I don't want to wear a nose ring and do the grunge look. To me that'sreally being a rebel. I'm trying to be a successful business person with some style.

What's a typical outfit for you?

When I bum around, I wear Levis 501 jeans and T-shirts from

around the world -- St. Thomas, Paris. My mother picks them out, and they usually have naked people on them.

Say Cindy Crawford called and said "I'll pick you up in an hour?" What would you throw on?

I'd wear my black Hugo Boss suit, a white Hugo Boss shirt and a Jerry Garcia tie.

That would turn you into Richard Gere, huh?

I don't think so. Clothes can only do so much.

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