Landers explanation due

February 17, 1993|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

The distributor of Ann Landers' column says that when she returns from vacation she'll explain what appears to be a lapse of ethics.

She is accused of padding a reader's letter to put down a fund-raising group she doesn't like. The letter, written by Marjorie Siegel, who heads a consumer watchdog group, warned about Direct Response Consulting Services. But she said when it appeared in Landers' Feb. 4 column, the letter had a line she didn't write: "I hope you will continue to hound this crowd whose clever lawyers have figured out how to keep them in business and out of jail."

Ms. Landers has published several letters critical of Direct Response. Creators Syndicate, which contacted her on vacation, said she acknowledged adding to Ms. Siegel's letter.

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