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February 16, 1993|By MAUREEN RICE

I'll bet only a lucky few slept late on Saturday. The rest of us were awakened by the glad cry of "Snow!"

Many a sleepy breakfast was transformed into a frenzied and unwilling meal as the kids schemed their ultimate sled ride. Bemused parents prepared for a day of mopping the floor, wiping the dog's feet, and putting on and taking off childrens' clothing at least a hundred times.

The brave planned to clear the driveway.

The kids, of course, don't want to see the end of snow, and I'll bet they haven't.

Who's for taking bets?


Congratulations to Garrett Willis, Patrick Bubert, Kelly Morgan, Ted Bubert, Jessi Morelock and Heidi Hurtt for their winning entries in the annual art contest for the Mechanicsville Elementary School Yearbook.

These talented children, in kindergarten through fifth grade, respectively, will have their work featured in the yearbook this year. Each received a book from Locust Books, a gift certificate from Bobby's Hobby Lobby and a free sundae at McDonald's in Eldersburg.

"All of the entries are displayed in the hallway," said Principal Cindy Eckenrode.

"The winning entries are decorated with a ribbon," she said.

The pictures depict the theme "We Love our Earth" and were chosen by a panel of teachers from 115 entries.

The grand winner will grace the cover of the yearbook.

"The children are very enthusiastic about this," Ms. Eckenrode said. "It's a tradition in this school to open the cover of the yearbook to student art. The other winners' artwork will be featured elsewhere in the yearbook."


The first All Natural (drug-free) Bench Press Contest will take place Saturday in the Sanitas Health and Fitness gym in the Carrolltowne Mall in Eldersburg. Lifting will begin at 11 a.m.

Sponsored by Sanitas and "A Touch of Nature," also in the Carrolltowne Mall, the contest is generating a lot of enthusiasm -- and a lot of lifting.

The gym has lengthened its hours as lifters train for the contest.

"We used to close at 2 on Sunday," said Michael Rednick, weekend manager for Sanitas. "Now we're open until 4. One of the benefits of the contest that we see is that a lot of the guys are learning the proper form, so they're lifting better. We encourage that, so we're really happy to see it happening.

"We see a lot of spectator interest," Mr. Rednick said. "There's an awful lot of enthusiasm in Liberty High School, where there used to be a power-lifting contest. We didn't expect the spectator interest, but we don't think they'll be disappointed."

The contest is open to any county resident or anyone who is a member of a gym in Carroll (registration closed Jan. 20). Thirty-one people have registered in seven categories, from teen to age 69.

Registrants had to sign a statement affirming that they have not

used anabolic steroids for the past three years and promising not to use diuretics or stimulants for at least seven days prior to the contest.

Ralph Jobson, co-owner of Sanitas Health and Fitness with his wife, Mary, will be master of ceremonies for the event.

"We're looking forward to it," Mr. Rednick said, "and we're betting on the winner being one of the people who trains at home. The average power lifter is a little different from a body builder -- they're a little bit reclusive, they don't show off, they're very dedicated and focused.

"The people who train at home are often very serious about it."

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