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February 15, 1993

Perot group plans meetings in Linthicum

United We Stand America, the watchdog group started by Ross Perot, has come to Linthicum, where it plans monthly meetings at the Linthicum library.

"We are going to be a presence in the scheme of things," said Daniel Tewell, coordinator for the northern portion of the 1st Congressional District's chapter of the group. "The enthusiasm is starting to build. In the years to come, we will make some changes."

The group, which met for the first time Feb. 4 with about 50 people, will focus on a membership drive before getting to work on specific issues, Mr. Tewell said. The group wants 20,000 members statewide.

The next meeting, at 7 p.m. tomorrow, , features a discussion led by Del. John S. Morgan, a Howard Republican, about a state bill that would make it easier for residents to bring an initiative to an election ballot.

Mr. Tewell said that the group is not a third political party and will not endorse candidates. "We want to get the citizens involved in government."

Information: 636-5739.

Joppa man robbed after truck broke down

A 22-year-old Joppa man was robbed Saturday morning by two men who picked him up after his car broke down, county police said.

Police said Mark A. Carey, of the 200 block of Chell Road, was on his way to work when his car broke down on state Route 10 near Furnace Branch Road. Two men in a pickup truck offered to give Mr. Carey a ride to a gas station.

But a few minutes later, the passenger stuck an object believed to be a handgun in Mr. Carey's side and robbed him of $20. The two dropped him off along the side of the road.

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