Rosenthal qualifies for final . . . finally


February 14, 1993|By DON VITEK

Dan Rosenthal was going to the Coors Cutter $25,000 Duckpin Classic finals. Then he wasn't going. Now he is.

Confused? So was Rosenthal.

Rosenthal, who lives in Randallstown, bowls in the Sunday Mixed Bunch at Fair Lanes Southwest. Bowling duckpins for "about 10 years," he carries a a 126 average. His career-high game is 201 and his high set is 496, just a few pins short of that magic 500.

To qualify for the Coors Cutter national finals, it's necessary to qualify at the local center level. At Southwest, under the rules, four men and four women would advance to the finals based on their scores over a five-game format bowled on each weekend in January.

"Last year I had a 123 average," Rosenthal said. "And that's the average I put on my entry form. I shot games of 118, 123, 142, 152 and 162, with my handicap pins it totaled 885 and qualified me for the finals."

Unfortunately, he made an error that is common for all bowlers. He forgot that in the 1992-93 season he had bowled enough games to increase his average to 126. Those three extra pins dropped his handicap and the total score dropped to 873.

That took him out of the finals . . . but it really didn't. Again through a common error, the misreading of the scores, Rosenthal was shown with a lower score that he actually had.

When the error was discovered, it showed that the official score ranked him high enough to advance to the national finals at Fair Lanes Pikesville in May 1993.


Pam Raeke, secretary of the Hopeful Wheelers, is an understanding person . . . thankfully.

The Hopeful Wheelers league at Fair Lanes Southdale is for bowlers who suffer from multiple sclerosis, a condition marked by patches of hardened tissue in the brain or on the spinal cord and associated with partial or complete paralysis.

Unfortunately, last week's bowling column indicated the league was for people suffering from a different disease.

Planning to go pro

Paul DeGraft, secretary of the Tuesday Men's Commercial leagueand a 30-year veteran of duckpin bowling, is averaging 141 at Riviera Bowl and 146 at Severna Park lanes in the Friday Men's Quads. He has a career-high game of 228 and a high series of 546.

"I was getting ready to return to the Pro Tour in April," he said. "I bowled with the tour for a few years but I haven't competed at that level for five or six years. And the Pro Tour does have some of the best duckpinners in the area."

One night this season, DeGraft started slowly. His first game was 141, the second game a 162 and the third game was 207. That was good enough for a 510 series.

A fantastic game

Mary Carnes, bowling on the Arbutus Five team in the Sunset Beach league on Jan. 22, threw a 179.

Not bad at all, especially considering that Carnes' average is 95.

Having a career night

Rose Mason has been bowling with the Stoney Creek women's league since 1976. She averages 95.

"Bowling for me is just a great way to relax," she said. "It's nice to meet the same folks each week and just have a very sociable time."

L It doesn't hurt to have a career night every once in awhile.

On Feb. 1, Mason posted games of 96, 104 and 176 for a superb 366 series. Both the 176 game and the 366 set are career highs.

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