To Choose One's HealingI generally approve of your...


February 14, 1993

To Choose One's Healing

I generally approve of your columnist Elise Armacost's reasonably objective comments regarding the situation of Dr. Ahmad Shamim and the arbitrary and malicious decision by the Maryland Board of Physicians Quality Assurance to take away his license to practice holistic/preventive medicine.

However, if she finds some of Dr. Shamim's more draconian dietary recommendations "frightening," wait until she experiences the orthodox oncology protocol of chemotherapy and radiation for cancer (and given the diet she describes in her column, the odds are pretty good she will!). Then she will know what fright is really all about.

The orthodox medical establishment in Maryland and the United States is, in my opinion, a corrupt, cynical monopoly that . . . is bankrupting hundreds of thousands of innocent patients and their families, and is well on the way to bankrupting the whole country.

I'd like to organize an activist network and mutual support group of former patients of Dr. Shamim and others interested in holistic/preventive medicine. It would be dedicated not only to restoring Dr. Shamim's right to practice, but to initiating whatever legal and political steps may be necessary toward guaranteeing our constitutional right to a doctor of our choosing. Anyone interested in participating . . . can call me at 410-674-4548.

Bob Henderson


Seniors' Golf

Despite having made a net profit of over $200,000 (35 percent) at the Eisenhower Golf Course in 1992, Anne Arundel County officials have rescinded a policy which has been in effect at the course for over 20 years.

Under that policy, senior golfers could purchase a yearly pass which permitted them to play on all weekdays, excluding holidays and other special events. For 1992, that yearly pass cost the senior golfer $375. About 35 seniors purchased these passes. On average, these 35 seniors played 90 to 100 rounds of golf; therefore, their cost per round was approximately $4. The new price for seniors is $10, or a book of 20 tickets at $160 ($8 per) is available.

County officials have justified this policy change on the basis of an operating statistic other than the overall profitability of the course. Representatives of the senior golfers have met with the Recreation Advisory Board to request a reinstatement of the old policy. Most of the 35 seniors have stated that they will have to play fewer rounds. . . .Further, it is likely that the Eisenhower Senior Men's Golf Club, which has coordinated the play of the senior men for the last five years, will disband.

Pat Corrigan

Glen Burnie

The Old Sun

Every morning since the Sunpapers has changed its Anne Arundel County Sun format I say to myself, "I'm going to write to say how much I hate it." I am finally writing this letter.

How can a section be called Anne Arundel when only two of the five articles on the section front have anything to do with Anne Arundel County? Bring back the Anne Arundel County Sun along with Anne Arundel Sports, not metro. I'm sure there are many other readers that feel the same that haven't written!

Bonnie J. Ultrick


The New Sun

I want to compliment you on the Anne Arundel section of the paper. When you first started using this format, I did not think I would like it. I certainly do not like the fragmentation of the Maryland Gazette. However, it turns out that you offer news . . . in a useful way.

A few years ago, you printed a chart that was also very useful. It listed all of the various kinds of surplus materials and items which homeowners might accumulate and showed various charitable agencies and groups which could make use of these. I used this list for quite some time, but now I find that it has been lost or mislaid. I'm sure that I am not the only one who would benefit by having you publish an updated list. . . .

Alice Kushner


Schools' Responsibilities

This letter is in response to the editorial entitled "Where School Responsibility Ends," published Jan. 27.

I am a parent of two children in the Old Mill Middle School system. I am very pleased with the quality of education which my children are receiving. However, I was distressed when reading the above-mentioned editorial.

Old Mill is the largest public school system in Anne Arundel County. While this is very impressive, it carries great responsibility to many people, including teachers, parents, and most importantly, our children. The writer obviously has not known or had the experience of knowing a child that has met with "less serious misfortune [than death!] . . . on paths and grounds around the school building."

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