Name: Pat and Frank Gatton of Brooklyn...

Volunteer spotlight

February 14, 1993

Name: Pat and Frank Gatton of Brooklyn Park.

Activities/Interests: When Pat Reed first visited Harbor Hospital Center to sign up as a volunteer, she was introduced to Frank Gatton, who was a volunteer.

They met a second time, purely by coincidence, at a bowling alley. After that, Mrs. Gatton says, "We kind of grew to love each other."

They married about three years later.

The blooming relationship was prodded along by some of the hospital staff, including Ann Heil, the hospital's volunteer coordinator. Ms. Heil gave Frank Pat's phone number.

Come May, the Gattons will have been married for two years. Once again, the hospital staff will recognize the anniversary.

Mrs. Gatton works as a volunteer in the Community Relations Department, performing mostly clerical work. Mr. Gatton has worked in the Transportation Department for about four years, moving patients through the hospital in wheelchairs.

Mrs. Gatton says volunteering is fulfilling work that they feel is appreciated by the hospital.

She says she needed to become involved with something after her retirement, to help occupy her time. That's when she pursued volunteering at the hospital.

And as someone mentioned to her, "There are some fringe benefits to volunteering."

Volunteer's comment: Mrs. Gatton says volunteering at the hospital "is really great. They're so good to the volunteers, and the work is fulfilling."

Organization's comment: Ms. Heil says the Gattons are "absolutely effervescent and wonderful people. They are a joy."

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