Snowden still studying whether to run for mayor

February 14, 1993|By JoAnna Daemmrich and Peter Hermann | JoAnna Daemmrich and Peter Hermann,Staff Writers

Annapolis Alderman Carl O. Snowden, expected to end speculation Friday about a possible run for mayor, instead stoked the suspense by saying he wants to study the issue further.

The civil rights activist, a Democrat who represents the city's 5th Ward, said that he may challenge Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins in the primary "if the circumstances are right."

"If we're able to raise the kind of money to compete in a contest and continue to get the kind of support I'm getting, I probably will enter," said Mr. Snowden, adding that $50,000 is needed to run a viable campaign.

Mr. Snowden made his remarks Friday night at Lowe's Annapolis Hotel on West Street during a testimonial in his honor sponsored by the Asbury United Methodist Church. That event was held on the day of his self-imposed deadline for making a decision.

But now, Mr. Snowden said, he wants to hear the recommendations of a committee he set up. Community activists and business owners will set up public meetings in every city ward and identify important issues in focus groups.

"This is a very important decision," Mr. Snowden said. "Different people are giving me different advice. Some people think I should continue to sit on the City Council. Others think I should move on to higher office."

Mr. Snowden also has expressed interest in seeking a seat on the County Council or in the state legislature.

Should Mr. Snowden enter the mayoral primary, he most likely would be opposing Mr. Hopkins, who won the top seat in 1989. Though he has not yet officially announced that he will seek re-election, Mr. Hopkins has said he plans to run again.

He was expected to announce last month when he publicly celebrated his 46th wedding anniversary while surrounded by hundreds of well-wishers. Instead, he simply declared his love for the city.

The man Mr. Hopkins defeated in the primary four years ago, former Mayor Dennis M. Callahan, announced last month that he will run for the office again, but this time as an independent.

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