Now you can call to say 'I love you' in romantic song

February 13, 1993|By New York Daily News

Even shy types with a heart of gold and a tin ear now can serenade their lovers for Valentine's Day.

Thanks to the enterprising folks at Send-a-Song in Washington, you can reach out and touch someone with a selection from nearly 200 pop songs.

Of course, at $9.95 per 80-second snippet, the service costs more than a song and a dance. On the other hand, it's less than the cost of a voice lesson.

So whether "Memories" are lighting the corner of your mind, or you're in the mood for a little "Sexual Healing," you can call (800) 457-SONG to send the sappiest of sounds oozing down the phone lines.

The brainchild of brothers Daniel and Timothy Price, a Harvard MBA and an engineering whiz kid, Send-a-Song will carry a tune anywhere in the United States at a designated time and date.

For example, President Clinton might want to take time out from this most unromantic of presidential honeymoon periods to call First Valentine Hillary with song No. 8017, Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)" -- if he can make the White House phones work.

But if your lover prefers Nirvana to Newton-John or the Sex Pistols to Streisand, forget it. You won't be able to get on the horn with the Divinyls "I Touch Myself" or Sir Mix-a-Lot's ode to bottoms, "Baby Got Back." Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a-Ling" is about as racy as it gets.

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