The Eye covers all the angles at Daytona 500 twin qualifiers

The TV Repairman:

February 12, 1993|By Phil Jackman

Be advised CBS has the Daytona 500 on Sunday. If the length of the race (noon-3:45 p.m.) isn't your cup of moonshine, yesterday's Twin 125s on tape tomorrow at 1 p.m. might do the trick. With nowhere else to stick a camera except maybe the glove compartment, the Eye will have one under a car to reveal how a car's suspension handles during high banking.

* Talk about a slap in the face. The script of the NBC show "Homicide" the other night called for a newspaper reporter. So who gets to play the part? Mel Proctor, play-by-play announcer for Home Team Sports. Boo, Levinson! Mel was far too well-dressed and well-spoken for the assignment.

* The thing about Chuck Thompson that might escape folks elsewhere as he goes into the broadcasters wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer is ol' Charlie was every bit as good doing football as he has been rhapsodizing baseball.

In any case, he's probably top five in both sports all-time and the fact it took him a few extra years to land the Ford Frick Award shouldn't have so many people hot and bothered.

* HBO has a chance to make up for its flopperoo show last weekend (Riddick Bowe brushing aside Michael Dokes in a hiccup) with its twin bill tomorrow (10 p.m.). Unbeaten IBF super-middleweight champ James Toney (32-0) takes on Iran Barkley (30-7), but don't let the records fool you. Barkley has been taking out heavy favorites for years. Just as big, perhaps, is Roy Jones (20-0) taking on Glenn Wolfe (27-3). Jones, who will always be known as the guy who lost an Olympic gold medal on a horrendous decision, seems almost assured of ruling the middleweight division soon.

Showtime's "Grand Slam Of Boxing" show features Julio Cesar Chavez, Terry Norris, Julian Jackson and Azumah Nelson next Saturday with the Michael Moorer-Bonecrusher Smith debacle the following week (Feb. 27). What's important is that the so-called heavyweight challengers are known quantities (alias tomato cans) and it is hoped Moorer (30-0) can become a viable attraction.

Meanwhile, USA's "Tuesday Night Fights" next has aspiring Alex Garcia (29-1) being tested by Mike Williams. There's talk of Garcia's getting a title shot soon, but he has to pick up some hand speed somewhere.

Wow, that's a lot of boxing . . . and all on cable. No wonder the networks aren't in any big hurry to get back into doing fights.

* Incidentally, and the word is used advisedly, the lead character wouldn't talk for tonight's well-done show "Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson" on NBC (9 p.m.) unless promoter Don King was given veto power over the content. Imagine.

* Just a month and four days until Dem Boids are on TV, Hon, HTS is sending along the O's and White Sox on March 16. No word on the pitching matchup yet.

* The TNT movie "Cooperstown", with Alan Arkin playing the lead as a guy just missing out on the Hall of Fame, can be a mystifying experience. After two full viewings I still don't know if I liked it or not.

* The headline read "Officials in Dallas downplay mayhem" (accompanying the Super Bowl parade the other day). Problem with that, Big D, is we no longer have to take your word for it as nearly everything makes it to the telly and "film at 11" showed this was no flower festival over and over.

* Wait just a minute, you high and mighty NBA. Where do you get off having perennial winner Craig Hodges, who currently isn't with a team, back to defend his three-point shootout title? I understand Jerry West still goes out and shoots and he wasn't bad at fillin' it up.

* News that CBS tripled earnings over the last three months of 1992 no doubt has football and baseball folks breathing a little easier heading into negotiations for new contracts later on this year. All the nets lost handsomely in their NFL contracts this year and CBS has been getting wiped out for years with its $1 billion diamond deal; still, two of the big three turned profits.

* An all-golf cable channel is likely to be in operation before the next Winter Olympics (what, so soon?) and there's hockey still unable to get even one watchable game on network TV. Say what you want about last weekend's All-Star Game on NBC, but don't for an instant think it bore even remote resemblance to an actual game.

ABC is going to have a modest (weekend afternoon) package during the Stanley Cup playoffs, going head-to-head with the Masters, non-stop baseball and maybe even Michael Jordan & Friends. That's not a trial, it's a sentence.

To the NHL faithful: Vancouver and Buffalo face off tonight (7:30) on ESPN, then the cable will be back tomorrow (2 p.m.) with Chicago vs. Pittsburgh.

* Washington Bullets all over the place (Channel 20) this weekend, visiting Denver tomorrow (9 p.m.) and Golden State on Sunday (10:30 p.m.). With wins in Houston and Dallas already on this road trip, look for announcers Jim Karvellas and Phil Chenier to approach their assignments as though they're not taking a seat in a dentist's office.

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