Illegal dumping becoming a problem SOUTH EAST -- Sykesville * Eldersburg * Gamber

February 12, 1993|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

Illegal dumping is overloading Sykesville's sanitation workers.

Unidentified dumpers are leaving bulky surprises in the trash trucks and on the grounds of the maintenance shop near Town Hall.

"There will be a couch out in the grass, a mattress on the lot and tires jammed into the back of the trucks," said Randy Hughes, supervisor of the Bureau of Streets and Sanitation at this week's council session.

"We couldn't have gotten the snow plow out in a hurry last week," he said. "A box spring and mattress was stuck right next to it."

Mr. Hughes has asked the Town Council to strengthen a municipal ordinance which prohibits illegal dumping.

"That dumping is trespassing," said Town Attorney Dennis J. Hoover. He said he would discuss the problem with Police Chief Wallace Mitchell.

"The police can't enforce the law unless they catch them actually dumping the things," said Mr. Hughes.

Mondays are especially difficult days for the trash crew. People bring recyclables to the Recycling Center on Saturday and leave bulk trash scattered around the grounds.

"They go right up to the back of our trucks and throw whatever in them," said Mr. Hughes. "The trucks are overfilled and stuff is falling out by the time we get to work."

"We can back the trucks up against the banks but they go right behind them," Mr. Hughes said.

Hazardous material, such as used antifreeze, also is put in the trucks.

"You never know what you are going to find," said sanitation worker Gene Johnson.

Mr. Hughes said the town's sanitation crew has resorted to sifting through the castoffs in search of clues to ownership.

"If we get names and addresses, watch out," said Mr. Hughes, who said he is considering installing surveillance cameras to stem the illegal dumping.

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