Carroll prosecutor wants more staffers

February 12, 1993|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

Carroll's prosecutor asked the county commissioners for three new employees yesterday to help with a caseload that includes more child abuse, drug and child support cases.

"I make this request only because I have no choice," State's Attorney Thomas E. Hickman wrote in a letter he gave to commissioners during a budget review meeting.

Felony cases have increased from 35 in 1988 to 114 in 1992, and the Drug Task Force made twice as many arrests in 1992 as it did the previous year, he said.

Mr. Hickman asked for a senior assistant state's attorney at a salary of $38,700, plus $14,000 in benefits; a child abuse investigator at a salary of $25,000; and a legal secretary at a salary of $17,600, plus $6,160 in benefits.

The total state's attorney's budget request for the coming fiscal year is $1,162,930, about 3 percent more than the previous year's request. The commissioners did not make a decision on it yesterday.

The meeting was one of a series of public meetings with agency directors to hear budget requests. The commissioners must cut about $3.4 million from the submitted requests in formulating the operating budget for fiscal year 1994, which will begin July 1.

Carroll County agencies have asked for $128,158,080, but revenue is projected to be only $124,779,695.

The budget is scheduled for adoption in late May.

Carroll's commissioners also heard requests from two other county agencies yesterday.

The Department of Citizen Services, which oversees aging, housing, volunteer and public transportation programs, requested $721,145 for the coming fiscal year, about 11 percent more than last year, Director Jolene Sullivan said.

The County Attorney's Office sought approval to fill a legal secretary's position that was vacant in the current year. The salary would be $19,600.

The total budget request for the office is $494,930, about 4.5 percent more than last year.

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