Love Machine chugs along at 5-0 in tennis league play

Recreation roundup

February 11, 1993|By Mike Nortrup | Mike Nortrup,Contributing Writer

The Love Machine remained unbeaten with an easy 34-17 victory over the Grand Slams on Saturday in the Carroll Racquet Club's Carroll Cup Tennis League.

The Machine (5-0) shot to a 32-9 lead after winning its first four events and never looked back.

Women's doubles duo Debbie Courter and Sally Giffin helped spark the early Love Machine surge with an 8-2 win.

* The Crushers blew an early lead but recovered in the final event to beat the Smashers, 26-22.

The winners jumped to an early 16-4 lead, only to see the Smashers outscore them 16-2 in the next two events and go ahead 20-18.

In sparking the Smashers' surge, Suzi Waston and Mike Mariaca took the mixed doubles and Sandy Yingling and Vicki Ferguson the women's doubles, both by 8-1 scores.

In the final event, Allen Wroe won the No. 1 men's singles event, 8-2, to put the Crushers in the win column.

* The Hot Shots also had to come back in their final at-bat to edge the Racqueteers, 32-30.

The two squads were tied 14-14 when Allan Anthony and Pat Whip took the mixed doubles to put the Hot Shots up 22-20.

But Robin Hanson and Maria Vailas' 8-2 women's doubles win put the Racqueteers ahead 28-24 entering the climactic men's No. 1 singles event.

There, Mike Rowe nailed it down for the Hot Shots with an 8-2 triumph.

* The String-a-lings overcame a big deficit to top the Aces, 31-25.

The Aces led 16-7 early, on the strength of an 8-0 win by Dan Clatterbuck and Greg Zielske in men's doubles.

The String-a-lings followed with a love win of their own as Debbie Speed and David Johns took the mixed doubles, 8-0. Johns later nailed it down with an 8-4 win in the men's No. 1 singles.

* Men's No. 1 singles was also the decider in the Hammers' 34-27 victory over the Poachers.

Sandy Jankevicius and John Weis put the Poachers ahead 21-18 with an 8-2 mixed doubles win.

But with the match later tied at 26, Jim Eanes clinched it for the Hammers with an 8-1 verdict in the final event.


* Tammy Wilson had a big day for the Carroll Challengers at the Baltimore County Gymnastics Center competitions.

Competing at Level 6, Wilson finished first in vault with an 8.90, third in uneven bars with 8.15 and fourth all-around with 32.05. She scored 6.85 on balance beam and 8.15 on floor exercises.

The Challengers' Heather McGee, Level 6, was second on floor with 9.05 and eighth in vault with 8.35, and scored 6.10 on bars, 6.85 on beam and 30.45 all-around.

* Perna Gymnastics had a big weekend with eight girls competing in an optional sectional tournament at Fairland in Prince Georges' County and achieving all-around scores that qualified them for postseason state championships.

Stephanie Rogers (Level 7, age 12-14 bracket) scored 7.90 on vault, 7.05 on bars, 7.20 on beam and 7.35 on floor, with 29.50 all-around.

Jessica Groszkowski (Level 7, 12-14) was 8.25 on vault and tied for sixth in that event, 7.85 on bars, 7.90 on beam, 8.75 on floor, finishing fourth, and 32.25, all-around, the fourth highest.

Becky Fuhrman (Level 7, 9-11) was 8.25 on vault, which tied for sixth, 6.70 on bars, 6.30 on beam, 8.60 on floor, finishing sixth, and 29.85 all-around.

Kristen Totten (Level 8, 9-11), scored 8.35 on vault, 6.65 on bars, 7.85 on beam, 9.20 on floor, placing first in that event, and 32.05 all-around.

Shannon Wright (Level 8, 12-14) was 8.10 on vault, 7.80 on bars, 8.30 on beam, placing fourth, 7.30 on floor and 31.50 all-around.

Jennifer Nowe (Level 9, 12-14) was 9.10 on vault, finishing third, 7.30 on bars, 7.10 on beam, 8.50 on floor and 32.00 all-around.

Tanya Snyder (Level 9, 15-over) scored 8.65 on vault, 8.10 on bars, 8.55 on beam, 8.30 on floor , and 33.60 all-around.

Melissa Denhardt (Level 9, 15-over) was 9.00 on vault, placing third, 8.25 on bars, 8.10 on beam, 8.55 on floor and 33.90 all-around.

* Perna Boys competed in the Maryland Gymnastics Cup at UMBC.

Nick Willet, Class 5, was 5.20 on floor, 5.00 on pommel horse, 5.30 on rings, 6.10 on vault, 5.00 on parallel bars, 5.40 on high bar, placing sixth, and 32.00 all-around.

Jonathan Roscoe, Class 6, was 2.10 on floor, 4.60 on horse, 2.90 on rings, 3.30 on vault, 4.40 on bars, 4.10 on high bar and 21.40 all-around.

John Royer, Class 6, was 3.70 on floor, 4.00 on horse, 2.40 on rings, 4.40 on vault, bars and high bar, and 23.30 all-around.

Scott Clingan, Class 4, was 5.50 on floor, 4.00 on horse, 5.40 on rings, 5.50 on vault, 4.80 on bars, 4.50 on high bar and 29.55 all-around.

Chris Forman, Class 3, was 6.90 on floor, 2.50 on horse, 4.70 on rings, 6.90 on vault, 3.20 on bars, 5.55 on high bar and 29.75 all-around.

St. John's basketball

* Fifth-grade division -- First-place Blue pushed its record to 5-1 with a 14-12 win over Grey.

Canaan Marsh had four points for Blue and Justin Little had a game-high six for Grey.

* Colin Russell scored five points to lead Green over Red, 11-9. Jeffrey Graham had four for Red.

Four Seasons indoor soccer

North Carroll, which finished first in its Open A Division regular-season campaign, also took the postseason by beating the second-place Barbarians, 9-5, last week.

North Carroll (7-0 in the regular season) had led the division in scoring with 73 goals, averaging more than 10 per game.

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