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February 11, 1993|By JUDY REILLY

You know the library as a place to find all kinds of information, pick up tax forms, borrow books and videos, and take your kids for a cheap date or after-school story hour.

Now, thanks to Mick Kipp, an honorary Carroll citizen (unofficially), the Taneytown branch of the Carroll library is immortalized as a motion picture set. If you've been watching television lately, you might have noticed a short public service FTC announcement that entices you about "Reading: Wherever Your Imagination Takes You!" The PSA was filmed at the Taneytown library.

Mr. Kipp chose the Carroll location because folks at county library headquarters gave him and his film crew permission to use the library without restraint. They filmed the sequence on a Saturday, a busy day at the library, overran the shooting schedule by 2 1/2 hours, and cut down one of the library's signs in the action shots.

The library staff didn't complain about any of this, a trait that has endeared them to Mr. Kipp for a long time, so he says he'll probably be doing more business in Carroll County. "Taneytown was great!" he said.

Mr. Kipp, a stunt artist (he'll be setting himself on fire for the Lineboro firefighters) as well as a filmmaker, was inspired to launch the literacy campaign a few years ago, during a time when he spent many weeks recovering from surgery.

He got through the recovery by planning film episodes that would involve action scenes in a library. "What makes reading fun for me," he said, "is getting totally wrapped into it" -- an element he strives for in his literacy films.

The PSA is part of "a creative campaign that stresses the importance of literacy," says Mr. Kipp. He and his non-profit film group plan to use the PSA as one way to get the public's attention. They will also use short films, videos and printed materials.

The filming of the PSA has already heightened the public's awareness at one level, said Kendal Hopkins, a librarian at Taneytown who was present at the filming. "It made people think about literacy," she said. "Everyone who came into the library asked about it. And it was fun."

In case this report has made you curious about the PSA itself, you won't be disappointed when you catch it on the tube. In the film, a young boy sits in the library, intent on reading. It's a typical scene until you hear clicking sounds in the background followed by grunting and other fighting sounds.

Two swordsmen appear, behind the boy, (as if in his imagination) and begin dueling in the library -- around and over the tables, in and out of the stacks. Then the boy looks at the clock on the wall, closes his book, "The Mark of Zorro," goes to the circulation desk and leaves the library with the book tucked under his arm.

The camera focuses on the two swordsmen, still engaged in battle. When the librarian looks up and first notices them, she merely shakes her head in amusement. The next time their fighting interrupts her, though, she gives them a cold stare and a "Shhhhhhh!"

The announcement appears on the screen, with an accompanying voice-over: "Reading: Wherever Your Imagination Takes You!"

Information: Mick Kipp at 243-4214, or the Taneytown library, 751-1980.


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