George Neff Lucas

February 11, 1993|By George Neff Lucas

No longer may service


Ask guys how they feel about


Though uncloseted gays

! Are Pentagon nays

And Joint Chiefs want

' only straight shooters.

J. Danforth is not one to shirk

A book as his leftover perk;

There's a mil on the table

' If the ex-veep is able.

To make his nerd

processor work.

What Social Security's for

Is to give aging incomes a floor;

No one will say how

But possibly now

A ceiling is what we need more.

Global USA hired banker Berry,

An amateur lobbyist, very;

His job will be hintin'

) When golfin' with Clinton

That access is not mercenary.

Hear, hear the presistent Perot

Continue his go, stop and go;

A borderline case,

% He remembers the race

As win, place and Larry

King show.

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