February 10, 1993

Funding uncertain for planned library

The county has extended its lease on four storefronts in the Long Point Mall in the hope that money can be found in the next budget to pay for a new library.

The $1.1 million library, which was scheduled to open in June, was put on hold with several other capital projects until the county has assessed its financial situation in light of the property tax cap and cuts in state aid.

"We're going to look very closely to see if we can afford to go ahead with this," said Louise Hayman, a spokeswoman for County Executive Robert R. Neall. "Once we build it, we want to be able to staff it and equip it properly."

Last month, county officials said they had only purchased a quarter of the branch's planned 40,000-book collection and may not have enough money to buy the rest.


* Brookfield: A shoplifter stole a box of condoms from a display rack in the 7-Eleven store in the 2900 block of Mountain Road Saturday.

* Orchard Beach: Vandals smashed

the driver's side window of a 1989 Toyota pickup truck Monday as it sat in the 7800 block of Shore Road.

* Pasadena: Burglars took the tailgate off a 1985 Ford truck that was parked in the 7600 block of Beach Drive sometime between Feb. 1 and Monday. Police do not know the value of the property.

* Pine Crest: A thief broke into a 1982 Chevrolet Camaro that was parked in the 100 block of Woods Way Saturday and stole a compact disc player valued at $500.

* Rivera Beach: Burglars stole a radar detector and other property from a 1988 Toyota that was parked in the 8500 block of Main Ave. Sunday.

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