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February 10, 1993|By LARRY STURGILL

If you want to see some of Columbia's finest theatrical talent in action, don't miss the Columbia Community Players presentation of "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" at the Slayton House Theatre.

According to Laurence Bory, president of the Columbia-based acting troupe, they decided to focus on British comedies during the 1993 season. He says, "We thought that people may want to take their minds off other things and simply be entertained."

Mr. Bory says that two previous British comedies performed by the group were well received by audiences, and he believes this play will, too.

Mr. Bory says that the comedy, written by John Bishop, is "a parody of traditional murder mysteries. It is about several mysterious murders, and the resulting hilarious antics of a group of tourists stranded in a house filled with strange characters, moving panels and secret passages." The play is being directed by Baltimore resident Mike Moran, who has worked with numerous theatrical groups and dinner theaters in the Baltimore/Washington area.

The Columbia Community Players have been performing for nearly 20 years, and for the past nine years, have been performing exclusively in the 240-seat Slayton House Theatre.

"We are quite comfortable there," Mr. Bory says. "The theater was renovated a year ago and now provides us with excellent sound and lighting. It is an excellent home for us."

Performances of "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" will be presented Friday and Saturday at the Slayton House Theatre in Wilde Lake village, and again on Feb. 20. General admission tickets are $8, seniors and students $7, and group rates are available. The curtain rises promptly at 8 p.m.

For additional information and reservations, call Laurence Bory at 381-4864.

RF There also will be a benefit performance offered Feb. 19, with pro

ceeds going to the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County. If you want to attend the benefit performance, and contribute to a much-needed organization, tickets can be purchased by calling 997-0304.


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