...xTC YO, Barry. Love your "Homicide." But one problem...


February 10, 1993

...xTC YO, Barry. Love your "Homicide." But one problem, sweetheart. Lose the crab scenes, huh?

The first two episodes of the series showed your detectives chowing down on steamed hard-shell crabs . . . in what looks like one of those fern-and-brass-rail joints . . . and the cops have on their suits!

Barry. Babe. Cookie . . . Has it been that long since you left ol' B-more for Tinseltown? Or maybe you just weren't a crab-eater when you lived here. Is that it?

Here's the thing, Mr. L: Real Baltimoreans do not eat crabs for lunch. And even if we did, we sure as heck wouldn't do it in some ferny place while wearing our nice work clothes.

Another thing: Those professional actors of yours definitely prove you have to be a native or at least an established resident of Baltimore to know how to eat crabs. It's excruciating to watch the way they handle the things, as if they're dead skunks or something, and then hammer away at them with absolutely no finesse at all.

You got a local consultant on your set, Bar? Fire the guy, but fast. Then get yourself a new one. With all the people in this town who claim to be close personal buds of both you and Boogie Weinglass, there must be somebody you can ask to show you the right way to eat crabs.

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