Dance helps pupils make transition PASADENA

February 09, 1993

A dance instructor at George Fox Middle School has come up with a creative way to ease the transition for children from elementary to middle school -- dance them through it.

For the third year, students from Pasadena area schools will put on a free dance show, which helps elementary school youngsters make connections through dance with middle and high school, said Pam Swaggerty, dance instructor and chairwoman of physical education at George Fox.

Students from elementary, middle and high schools are presenting the free dance show at 7 p.m. Friday at George Fox Middle School on Outing Avenue in Pasadena.

The children will perform 19 different dances at the eventranging from country western to creative jazz and Broadway numbers.

Participating schools include Riviera Beach Elementary, SunseElementary, Highpoint Elementary, Scout Junior Troop #565, George Fox and Northeast Senior High School.

One highlight is a country western number with 23 stepperformed by children from Sunset Elementary.

"The only benefit we hope for is to get children to have an experience that connects elementary and middle school, so the transition to middle school is easier for them," said Ms. Swaggerty. "They can realize dance transcends ages and generations."

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