Murder contract alleged Man in jail charged with conspiracy

February 09, 1993|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff writer

A 43-year-old man has been charged with hiring an inmate at the county detention center to kill the woman he is charged with raping and beating in her Crownsville home in September.

Spiros William Chippas of the 1300 block of Suburban Way was charged Saturday with conspiracy to commit murder. Yesterday, a District Court judge ordered him held without bond in the county detention center.

Mr. Chippas denied that he wanted to harm the woman.

He was charged after police planted an undercover officer in the jail who posed as the hit man and told Mr. Chippas that "his problem had been taken care of."

Mr. Chippas was being held in the jail on $50,000 bond and was awaiting trial for first-degree rape.

According to charging documents, on Jan. 26 Mr. Chippas asked an inmate to break into the woman's home, kill her and make it look as though she had been killed during the burglary.

He also told the inmate that if the woman's mother was home, she was to be killed also, said Lt. Steve Fink, head of the county's Crimes Against Persons section.

The inmate detailed the plot to county police. On Saturday, an undercover officer posing as a contract hit man told Mr. Chippas the plan had been carried out and showed him a ring the woman always wore, police said.

Mr. Chippas learned of the deception when officers told him he was going to be charged.

"We could only carry this on for a short time," said Sgt. Dennis Bailey, head of the county Sex Crimes Unit. "A couple of phone calls and he would have known that [the woman and her mother] were still alive."

In a 13-count indictment stemming from the September incident, Mr. Chippas was charged with first-degree rape, assault, two sex offenses, perverted sexual practice, assault with intent to maim and false imprisonment. According to the charging documents, Mr. Chippas held the woman hostage in her home from Sept. 24 to Sept. 27, while he repeatedly raped her, beat her and forced her to perform oral sex.

During the attack, he kept a shirt or her nightgown over her face and pretended that there were other men in the room forcing him to rape her and beat her with a paddle, the charging documents said. But the woman told police she never saw or heard anyone else in the house.

The documents said Mr. Chippas took the woman to the hospital to be treated for her injuries and warned her that if she told anyone what had happened, he would kill her. Mr. Chippas told police the woman had been beaten and raped by two unknown black men.

The woman's story about those three days came out Dec. 9, when police were called to the woman's home because Mr. Chippas had violated a judge's order to stay away from her.

The woman asked police to get him out of the house, then told investigators he was the one who raped her, police said.

Investigators said the victim had been "brainwashed" into going along with Mr. Chippas' false story.

"Up until that point, we were looking for two black men. We didn't know the truth," Sergeant Bailey said.

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