Daughter of Dennis and Robin...


February 08, 1993

JENNIFER L. TRUMPLER, 12, daughter of Dennis and Robin Trumpler of Presidential Park.

School: Seventh-grader at West Middle School in Westminster.

Honored for: Winning first place for her school in the Pleasant Valley Lions Club essay contest. Her essay was about crime, drugs and homelessness.

"I thought they were the biggest problems in our country today," Jennifer said.

Goals: To be a nurse. Her mother is in nursing school.

Comments: "They told us to write about problems that could be cured," Jennifer said. "I think that drugs and crime can be cured by sentencing people for more jail time and embarrassment and humiliation -- a license plate on their car or putting them on the news or a tag or something like that."

Homelessness could be cured if people who are doing well help those less fortunate, she said.

For several years now, she said, her family has chosen a homeless or needy family to help at Christmas with food and gifts.

She said racism also is a major problem in the country. She considered writing about it, she said, but "it was harder to think of a cure for it."

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