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February 08, 1993

West Middle eighth-grader wins geography bee at school

Kris Thompson, an eighth-grader at West Middle School, is the winner of the 1992-1993 National Geographic Geography Bee at the school level. He will compete in subsequent rounds which, through a process of elimination, will lead to a national winner.

Team-level winners in the contest at West Middle were:

* Team 1: Jonathan Hurst, Jeff Mills, Paul Tyng.

* Team 2: Adam Fisher, Kevin Greene, Chris Brothers.

* Team 3: Brandon Martinez, Jason Santucci, Sam McGrane, Greg Stiles.

* Team 4: Charlie Devilbiss, Erin Clarke, Toby Sayre.

* Team 5: Kevin Cornell, Jennifer Thomas, Jim Haff.

* Team 6: Tom Long, Nick Willet, Kush Javia, Anders Kirchenbauer.

* Team 7: David Bates, James Corbin, Jennifer Myers.

* Team 8: Matt Ownby, David Shaffner, Adam D'Anthony.

* Team 9: Kris Thompson, Eric Ferrone, Ben Zile.


* Westminster: Units from Reese, Gamber and Baltimore County fought a chimney fire on Westminster Pike at 4:40 p.m. Saturday.

Firefighters from Westminster responded to a trash container fire on Washington Road at 9 p.m. Friday. This was the eighth trash container fire since Jan. 26. A man who was arrested and charged with setting a trash container fire on East Main Street has been released on $2,000 bond. Police and fire officials are continuing to investigate the other fires.

* Carroll County Trails: Reese and Westminster firefighters were dispatched for a chimney fire at a house on Welsh Court at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. They were out for 51 minutes.

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