Name: Chris MassieSchool: Thunder Hill Elementary...


February 08, 1993

Name: Chris Massie

School: Thunder Hill Elementary School

Home: Columbia

Age: 10

His accomplishments: The fifth-grader has won a scholarship to study art at the Maryland Institute of Art. His scholarship, worth $180 for 10 weeks of lessons, will enable him to learn more about 19th century and 20th century art and artists.

Chris turned in a portfolio containing 10 pieces of his work, including still-life drawings, batiks and animation, to be considered for the scholarship.

"He's a very talented kid," said his art teacher, Janet Baird. "His artwork, for his age, is excellent. He's excelled quite a bit. He's one of the best students."

His comments: Chris likes art because "I like to mix colors together. Sometimes when I mix crayons, I see a color that I've never seen before, and I like it a lot. I want to draw much better and learn how to paint with watercolors."

When Chris learned he had won the scholarship, "I called my mom and she started to scream," he said.

"I [was] terribly excited," said his mother, Fay Massie. "I think this is a wonderful opportunity for him. He has a wonderful talent in drawing."

His goal: To become a comic book artist.

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