Milligan, the throwbackStrange guy, this Randy Milligan...


February 07, 1993

Milligan, the throwback

Strange guy, this Randy Milligan. Here's a man who said he was willing to take less pay and get less playing time just to help Baltimore on or off the field in any way he could.

Why? Because he liked it here! This sounds like the kind of guy I want on my team.

Remember the good old days, when teams were full of players like Randy Milligan who were just happy to get to the big leagues. Before the multimillion-dollar contracts. Before ESPN. Before pumps.

Greg Nass


Leave the line out

I want to applaud The Sun's coverage of high schools. It is gratifying to see the encouragement of sports played for the "fun" of it instead of the exclusive coverage of college and professional teams, the quasi-puppets of the gambling syndicate.

SG I object to the publishing of the point spread in the betting line,

which amounts to free advertising for an illegal operation.

Dorsey R. Tipton


Bullets need help

The Washington Bullets are not a fun team to watch, unless you're rooting for the opposition. The Bullets lack height, experience and, most importantly, consistency.

Lack of a beneficial center and poor draft picks have kept them out of the playoffs. A new coach and an honest attempt to make trades are important to their future.

Melvin Greenberg



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