* In two letters to the editor about the Westminster Aero...


February 07, 1993

* In two letters to the editor about the Westminster Aero Modelers that were published on Jan. 2 and Feb. 7, Gordon Schoen's name was mentioned. The writers were referring to remarks made by Gordon W. Schoen.

What About Rights Of Non-Smokers?

The acceptance of smoking and the supposed "right" of those who smoke to be free to do so any time, anywhere I find to be outrageous. . . . Will no one take a controversial stand against smoking in confined areas, especially eateries, or rather a stand for those who choose not to smoke?

. . . The surgeon general has issued warnings about the use and effect of tobacco and tobacco smoke, as well as there being numerous scientific studies stating passive smoking to be a known carcinogen. With this in mind shouldn't the media be addressing this issue with more concern? . . .


Laurel Wisner


Control Taxes

As a concerned and disgusted taxpayer in Carroll County, I keep asking myself, "What are we the taxpayers getting for our tax money?" The answer: Absolutely nothing of any significance.

. . . I know for fact that in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the state of Maryland informed the Maryland State Police to conduct raids on local taverns and clubs, especially in Anne Arundel County, that feature gambling-type machines. They confiscated these machines and destroyed them. . . . The state's reason? A poor blue-collar worker or other individual was depriving his family of possibly $10 or so a week, because of the so-called illicit gambling operations.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. . . . There are no reasons for the continuous tax increases to cushion the state's pockets. The counties alone . . . should have more than enough to satisfy their budgets.

Carroll County is a prime example. What do we get for our money? Absolutely nothing, no paid police or fire protection, just a resident trooper program, which is just short of being called a joke. . . .

Every property owner must enthusiastically support an all-out effort to demonstrate their disgust with the state of Maryland and Carroll County's tax system. A coalition must be formed to recognize our needs and demands. I would personally appreciate your expressed views. Reply to: Coalition to Control Taxes, P.O. Box 626, Finksburg, Maryland 21048 . . .

William Raither


Model Planes

Once again, I am writing in response to comments made by Mr. G. Schoen which appeared in The Sun on Jan. 17, regarding the model airplane field. Three points in Mr. Schoen's letter need to be responded to, as follows:

* The last sentence in Mr. Schoen's letter states: "In closing, I might add that influence by established local businessmen cannot turn lies into truth." I have no more influence than any other resident of Carroll County, and certainly have the right to respond to comments with which I disagree. . . .

I do agree with Mr. Schoen that lies cannot be turned into truth. Neither I nor any member of the Westminster Aero Modelers club has found it necessary to attempt to do so. . . . Our club has followed every regulation and procedure requested by county officials before a permit was issued for our flying field.

* The comment was made that "traffic noise moves on, it does not remain for hours." I live several hundred yards from Route 97, and have driven on that road daily for 19 years. Traffic is continuous and present 24 hours per day.. . .

* Mr. Schoen states that "would any flier knowing that the police were called because of trespassing complaints fly outside the designated area with the trooper at the site? I don't think so." The fact is that the trooper who responded to the complaint spent 30 to 60 minutes on Route 97, in the woods near the flying field, and near the Humane Society before he came to the field. The fliers were not aware of his presence until he actually drove to the field. . . .

I really do not enjoy writing letters which have to contradict the opinions of others. But as long as I disagree with the contents of those letters and can refute some of the interpretations given, I will do so. Someone with as much influence as I have just can't help it.

Edward M. Goldman


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