In My Next House . . .

February 07, 1993|By Lisa Wiseman

When you first moved into your home, it was great. You told yourself you couldn't have found a more perfect place. But as time passed you realized that the perfect home was lacking a few things.

Why on earth would you have bought a house with three bedrooms and only one bathroom? How come there's never enough closet space? And why didn't you insist on getting an indoor pool?

3' Next time, you say. Next time . . .

Dorothy Fuchs, national publicist, Maryland Public Television: I want huge closets -- bedroom-size would be good.

Ron Furnman, owner of Max's nightclub: I'd like a computer in every room, a 500-gallon fish tank and a big library/office/study.

Rose Fiore, co-owner of Fiore Winery: I've been wishing for one of those gazebos but the thing that's at the top of my list is a winding staircase.

Dianne Rohrer, interior designer: I'd like a fireplace -- they provide a hearth and a center of things.

Ming Tai, student teacher: I'd love a house with cathedral ceilings with a balcony area over it. And flagstone -- that's a must-have. Oh, and I also would like to have a doorman.

Anne Watts, musician: A view of the ocean from my back yard. No, make that a view of the ocean from my front yard.

Kathy Correll, Realtor: I would love to have a screened-in porch . . . and a really big kitchen where I could make a big mess.

Margaret Wylie, head of the department of interior design at Harford Community College: Ample storage space. And a mudroom, where you could keep coats and shoes and umbrellas.

Phyllis Brotman, president, Image Dynamics Inc.: An electric doorbell. We just have a knocker on the door.

"Aq," also known as "Aquaman" or Antonio Pompeii, disc jockey, WHFS-FM, 99.1: I want an indoor-outdoor Jacuzzi with polyurethane walls that seats eight people. And I want royal-blue terry-cloth towels from Italy to go with it.

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