Around the house* Save money and help the environment. Use...


February 06, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Save money and help the environment. Use wax paper for food wrapping and microwave cooking. Aluminum foil can be washed and reused. Reuse plastic bags. Store leftover food in reusable containers.

* Remove lint from self-stick closures with a toothbrush.

* Terry-cloth wash cloths make great napkins for small children.

* Apply petroleum jelly to insides of candleholders. Dripped wax will come off easily.

* Use "long life" electric bulbs in hallways and closets that do not require a high concentration of light. These bulbs produce fewer lumens (amount of light) per watt than do standard bulbs.

* When dusting a room, begin at a specific object, like a table, and work around the room in one direction. First dust small accessories on table tops, then tables, continuing around perimeter of room until you finish at the first object.

In the garden

* Inspect house plants for mealy bugs. Their soft bodies have a white cotton-like covering. You will find them in clusters at the stem and leaf joints. Wash infected plants with soapy water or swab leaves with rubbing alcohol.

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