Commissioners, aides brush up on 'people' skills Lippy, Dell find out something about themselves

February 05, 1993|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

Carroll Commissioner Elmer C. Lippy was surprised to learn he isn't always lovable, but Commissioner Donald I. Dell knew all along he was a shy guy.

The two commissioners tried to figure out their personalities at a seminar Wednesday called "How to Handle Difficult People."

Mr. Lippy is inspiring, outgoing, traditional and dependable, but sometimes is pushy, impatient, stubborn and critical.

Mr. Dell is practical, reserved, calm and thorough, but can be shy, withdrawn and a perfectionist.

"As I did my own self-analysis, I found I was a difficult person," Mr. Lippy said with a chuckle. "I thought I was completely lovable."

The commissioners and two of their assistants attended the daylong seminar at the Omni International Hotel in Baltimore to learn more about themselves and how to deal better with others.

Commissioner Julia W. Gouge attended meetings in Annapolis Wednesday at the Maryland Association of Counties and the Local Government Insurance Trust.

Mr. Lippy said that the commissioners had planned for several months to attend the seminar and that it wasn't arranged because of recent disagreements.

The total cost for the two commissioners, executive assistant Robert A. "Max" Bair and office manager Shawn Reese to attend the seminar was $258, which included $48 for lunch, Mr. Bair said.

The goal was to learn to deal more effectively and communicate better with people at work and home, he said.

Mr. Bair found he was a personality type similar to Mr. Lippy. His strengths include being persuasive, confident, practical and organized. His limitations include being intimidating, restless, dogmatic and insensitive.

Mr. Lippy said he learned that a person should attack the problem and not the person when there's a disagreement.

"I tried it out on Mabel last night, and it worked," he said of his wife and his efforts to find one of his sweaters.

The seminar was given by National Seminars Group of Shawnee Mission, Kan., which sponsors seminars around the country, service representative Shana Kenny said.

"How to Handle Difficult People" teaches participants about different personality types, opening the lines of communication,

managing anger and using anger as a tool, she said.

It wasn't geared toward government workers, but many attended, Ms. Kenny said.

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