Young musicians please their audience at Bollman Bridge concert NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE


February 05, 1993|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

Music directors Karin Blackburn and Lynne Hansenei can take pride in the performance of the choir, band and string sections during Bollman Bridge Elementary's winter concert.

The standing-room-only crowd of parents, siblings and music lovers listened to the string section play traditional tunes such as "Hot-Cross Buns" and works by Mozart and Bach. Jillian Roberts and Sonja Gaines were the featured performers.

The concert continued with performances by the fourth- and fifth-grade choruses. The fourth-grade chorus sang "Bless the Beasts and the Children" with more conviction than Karen Carpenter ever did.

The fifth-grade chorus sang traditional tunes such as "We Shall Overcome" and more unusual songs such as "Winter's a Drag Rag," a wonderful ditty that certainly expresses my feelings right now.

After the performance by a chorus composed of singers from both grades, the concert continued with performances by the beginning and advanced bands. Clarinetists and trombone players, drummers and piccolo players demonstrated their newfound prowess with simple tunes such as "Merrily We Roll Along."

Regrettably, your roving correspondent cannot do justice to the offerings of the advanced band, as her 1-year-old daughter, charmed with the music, the lights shining off the bright brass and the general air of approbation, decided to join the band with the vocal harmonics that only a toddler can produce.

She screamed delightedly. Out of respect for the performers, and out of fear of being lynched by the appreciative audience, we left the cafeteria.

All accounts from the rest of my party indicated that I had missed the best part of the concert. So, I can only look forward to the spring performance. Anyone know of a good baby sitter?


Speaking of musical education and of bands, there is an organization of local parents that supports music in the public schools. After all, this is Howard County -- there's an organization for everything.

Howard County Parents for School Music is a group for those concerned about the future of musical education, especially in this time of budgetary uncertainty.

According to member Karen Douglas, the organization is part of a grass-roots organizing effort related to the Arts 2000 organization.

Among the projects taken on by the Arts 2000 group is help in organizing grass-roots support for the arts.

"Music is considered nice but not core in a lot of people's minds," Ms. Douglas said.

She notes that the only times parents fill up schools is on parents night, when parents can meet the teachers, and on concert nights. No other function attracts so much interest.

"Music is a cause that people really rally to," said Ms. Douglas, noting that the group's mailing list includes more than 800


Next month the organization plans to thank the school board for its support in these tough times.

To join Howard County Parents for School Music or for more information about musical education, write to 10977 Shadow Lane, Columbia, Md., 21044 or call Ms. Douglas at (410) 997-8433.


Bill Waff, president of the Savage Community Association, says that this month's board meeting will be delayed until Tuesday, Feb. 23, so that he can testify before the zoning board on Feb. 10 and 11.

The agenda for the Feb. 23 meeting will include plans for this year's Savage Festival. Take your questions, comments and suggestions to this planning meeting.

Last month, the Savage Community Association held election of officers. Mr. Waff is the new president (can we make him president for life?) and Warren Williams is the new vice president. Mary Stoner was elected treasurer.

There are three secretaries sharing the post: Bobbie Fairall, Elisabeth Fixen and Sharon Spicher.

Association board members are Caroline Adami, Alice Baldwin, Jane and Lorenzo Soto, Frank Spicher, Ellen Waff, Cathy Whitehead, Mark Wallace, Lourdes Sullivan, Diane Banner and Gary Cardinal.


The Savage branch of Howard County Association for Family and Community Education held its January meeting two weeks ago.

Sherri Kennedy was the host for the meeting in her newly carpeted great room, rather than in Carroll Baldwin Hall, the usual venue.

I don't know if Sherri calls the room that, but I usually think of family rooms as dark converted basements with a table tennis table and fishing tackle in the corner. Great room seems to be a more accurate name for that large and airy place.

Lillian Oliver, a longtime member who recently moved to the retirement community Harmony Hall, attended the meeting, perhaps because meetings at Sherri's are noted for the quantity of goodies she brings out.

She had made soup, two delicious cakes, and lots of coffee and cider. A grand time was had by all.

The next meeting will be held Thursday at 11 a.m. in Carroll Baldwin Hall, at the corner of Baltimore and Foundry streets in Savage. Call Charlotte Watts for more details at (301) 725-6126.


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