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February 03, 1993

In a brief meeting last night, the Union Bridge Town Council introduced an ordinance that would allow the town to borrow $200,000 to renovate the old Pump House on Locust Street and construct a new town office building adjoining it.

The council will vote on the ordinance at its Feb. 28 meeting.

"We need this new space," said Mayor Perry Jones. "Our current room has been used as a town hall since the 1920s, and we've simply outgrown the building."

The planned facility will have of fices for the mayor and two clerks, a large meeting room and a conference room. The Pump House, once renovated, will house the city police force.

Town Attorney John T. Maguire said he was pleased with how quickly the package came together. The Farmers and Mechanics Bank has given the town a commitment for the loan, at an initial interest rate of 6.78 percent.

The council hopes to complete work on the building before the town picnic on the second Sunday in September.

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