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February 03, 1993

Thieves smash store wall to steal safe

Thieves who smashed their way through a concrete and plasterboard wall stole a safe containing $300 from a Domino's pizza carry-out on Forest Drive.

The thieves, working from a vacant Lionel Kiddie City Store in the Forest Plaza shopping center, apparently used a Domino's dolly late Friday night or early Saturday morning to wheel the safe back into the store, county police said.

An employee discovered Saturday morning that the safe had been unbolted from the floor and that a large hole had been cut in the wall leading to the old toy store.

"A sledgehammer or similar device would have been used to knock out the hole," the police report said.

Teens questioned about missing ferret

County police have questioned two Edgewater teen-agers in the theft of a ferret worth $120 from a pet store Monday afternoon.

An employee of A Pet pet center in the 100 block of Mayo Road in Edgewater told police that he noticed the ferret missing just after the teens left the store around 3:30 p.m.

The employee said the boy and girl had asked about the ferret, which was in a cage near the rest of the rodents.

Police questioned the teens, a brother and sister, who denied taking the ferret.


* Lothian: Thieves stole more than $2,200 worth of tools from a shed behind a house in the 5100 block of Old Solomons Island Road last week.

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