Judge limits stump dump to mulch-grinding only BALTIMORE COUNTY

February 03, 1993|By Glenn Small | Glenn Small,Staff Writer

A Baltimore County Circuit Court judge gave the owner of the Granite stump dump permission to start accepting tree stumps and grinding them into mulch yesterday, but limited the new operations to two areas outside the dump.

However, James Jett, the dump's owner, still needs state and county permits to resume operations. County officials said Mr. Jett will end up back in court if he begins operating without the necessary permits.

Judge James T. Smith also told Mr. Jett any violations of his order would bring severe consequences.

"I will not tolerate any violations," Judge Smith said, his voice stern. "I'm telling you to your face. If you do violate that order, or someone under your control violates that order, in light of the history that I've had with you, you will be shut down until that fire is out."

In November, Mr. Jett was caught violating the judge's order that he not move any mulch on or off the site. The dump, in the 8700 block of Dogwood Road, is a repository for thousands of tree stumps from construction sites.

Mr. Jett applied for a state refuse disposal permit in November, but his application was denied. Officials said he must get a natural wood recycling permit before he can operate. He has not yet applied for that permit.

In granting Mr. Jett permission to reopen, Judge Smith voided an earlier order forbidding him from accepting tree stumps, due to a fire hazard at the site. Smoke from the burning stumps has vanished since the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) covered the five-acre stump dump with 100,000 cubic yards of dirt. The county paid $700,00 for the job.

County fire officials and MES officials concede the fire hazard has been greatly reduced, although it has not entirely disappeared.

The dump had burned since Feb. 2, 1991.

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