This duet starts with duathlons


February 02, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

She's a natural triathlete; he's more of a duathlete who's "not very good at swimming." She lives in Baltimore, he in Falls Church, Va.

But despite those differences, Nancy Gugerty and Greg Watson have managed a budding romance over running and biking.

Two weeks ago, Gugerty and Watson won their divisions of the Baltimore Road Runners Club's Championship Series 10-Miler at Loch Raven. They also sandwiched 80 miles of bike-riding around the race at the Loch Raven watershed.

"When there's races down there, I go down there," Gugerty says, "and when there's races up here, he comes up here."

Or to paraphrase an old folk song, when you go a-courtin', bring along your bicycle.

"He was going to the World Duathlon Championship last June in Germany and wanted to borrow my bike case," says Gugerty, 25, a dietary technician at Johns Hopkins Hospital. "I had met him at a race. When he got back, he said, 'We'll have to go to dinner sometime.' "

Watson, 26, a financial analyst with First American Bank, fills in the details.

"It's kind of funny how we met," he said. "There was an article written about both of us in one of the industry magazines -- and we were on the same page. I saw Nancy at a race and walked up to her and said: 'You must be Nancy Gugerty. You were on my page.' And she said: 'No, you were on my page.' "

Last summer, the two competed in the Coors Light duathlon series, a professional circuit for athletes who run and bike.

Says Watson: "I would much rather do that for a living than be a banker."

Gugerty's decision to do duathlons rather than triathlons enabled the two to see a lot of each other.

"I was originally a triathlete, but he can't swim, so I did the Coors Light series with him and was successful at that," Gugerty says. "The Coors Light consisted of eight to 10 events. You had to do five plus the championship to get in the grand prix, and we both did that."

"Neither one of us has won a professional race," Watson says, "but at the national championship, we both ended up in fifth place."

This summer, Gugerty, a member of the Tri-Maryland Triathlon Club, will return to triathlons.

"She wants to concentrate on triathlons, and I'm not very good at swimming," Watson says. "But, hopefully, we'll be able to get together for a few races."


Watson won Sunday's Super Bowl 5K at the Inner Harbor in 15:03. Maureen Hall took the women's division in 18:15. There were 891 finishers. . . . The weekend's top finishers:

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