February 02, 1993|By George Neff Lucas

So Bill has made Hillary chair

For affordable medical care;

If she's to succeed

$ She'll probably need

To come in on West Wing

and a prayer.

Meet the deficit bashing duo

Of P. Gramm and H.R. Perot:

One ex-Democrat,

$ One once-in-ring hat

All Tex'd up and no place to go.

course, he could mope

on the shelf

Or try playing golf for more pelf;

But, gee, the rule says

& Any boy can be prez --

Or so Quayle keeps telling


Just 29 cents buys the

White House,

The Reagan-Bush keep-to-the-

right house;

But it's now come to pass

) Democrats are first-class

And stamps show a much

# less uptight house.

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