IN California recently, police officers arrested a 15-year...


February 02, 1993

IN California recently, police officers arrested a 15-year old youth immediately after he was rescued from a freeway sign from which he was dangling.

It seems the poor fellow had been abandoned by another young man when they'd seen the police approaching.

The youth was later charged with "being a juvenile in possession of an aerosol container in the city," and held on suspicion of vandalism.

Apparently the kids weren't the only ones who saw the writing on the wall.

* * *

MORE news from California: Tree preservation and social concerns have finally found common ground in Carmel. Homeowner Peter Levy was rather distraught when a local pine tree -- one of the Montgomery Pines for the which the area prides itself -- started to slowly push his bedroom aside.

Slightly needled at this intrusion, Mr. Levy contacted the city Forest and Beach Commission and asked for permission to cut the 80-foot tree down. The commission, which is responsible for protecting the pines, refused.

Mr. Levy appealed the decision to the city council, which voted 5-0 to give him permission to remove the offending pine. But the council did require him to plant two new pines on his property: yet another example of a compromise between society and the environment.

Carmel, take a bough.

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