Commissioners approve airport land purchaseThe Carroll...


February 02, 1993

Commissioners approve airport land purchase

The Carroll commissioners approved last Tuesday the purchase of 1.75 acres -- one of the last parcels needed for an expanded Carroll County Regional Airport -- for $206,000.

The county will buy the parcel, which includes a customized log house and other buildings, from David and Ann M. Von Gunten. '' It is located north of the airport at Pleasant Valley and Pinch Valley roads.

Ninety percent of the cost will be paid by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The state and county each will pay 5 percent.

The appraised value of the parcel is $186,000. But the FAA agreed to pay 10.75 percent more than the appraisal because the owners had done extensive improvement work to their home.

The county will pay for the family to relocate.

The county has purchased all but four parcels needed for the airport expansion.

Zoning enforcement procedure is changed

Carroll zoning inspectors will warn residents who violate zoning laws before filing charges against them, officials said yesterday.

The change in procedure is designed to solve problems without taking residents to court, Zoning Administrator Solveig Smith said.

For example, a resident with an unlicensed car on his property will be given a verbal warning to move the car within two weeks, said Ralph E. Green, chief of the county Bureau of Permits and Inspections.

If the person doesn't move the car, he will be cited. The change will become effective Feb. 8, he said.

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