Slasher of woman gets 8-year prison sentence

February 02, 1993|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff Writer

A 43-year-old Linthicum man was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday for slashing the neck of a neighborhood friend -- a woman he had once hoped to marry -- during a drug-induced rage in July.

Charles H. Murphy of the 200 block of Nursery Road was sentenced by Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. after his attorney said the attack was the result of a long-term pattern of PCP abuse.

"I am convinced that but for the drugs this man never would have hurt this woman," said Kendal Sibiski, an assistant public defender.

Murphy and the victim had known each other for about a decade, and at one point he had asked her to marry him, Ms. Sibiski said.

Murphy pleaded guilty in December to assault with intent to maim in the attack on Dawn Linder, 23, of the first block of Hampton Road.

Prosecutor William Mulford II said the attack occurred early on July 22, 1992, not long after Murphy had stopped by to visit Ms. Linder and a group of friends who had just returned to her home from a rock concert.

Murphy, a truck driver and mechanic, left with the rest of the group. Ms. Linder then locked the house and went to sleep on a first-floor couch, Mr. Mulford said.

But Ms. Linder was awakened the next morning about 2 a.m. by Murphy, who had broken in through a basement window and was on top of her attacking her with a knife, the prosecutor said.

She fought back and persuaded him to stop slashing her by agreeing to lie to police about the attack. She agreed to say she was attacked by two men who broke into the home and that Murphy had rescued her from them, Mr. Mulford said.

Ms. Linder then broke free from Murphy's grasp and bolted to a neighbor's house to call police.

As police were interviewing Ms. Linder, Murphy knocked on the door and was arrested, Mr. Mulford said.

Mr. Mulford said Ms. Linder was slashed across her neck, opening wounds that ran 2 inches deep in places, required 26 stitches and left a permanent X-shaped scar below her right ear. A kitchen knife with a 6-inch blade, believed to have been used in the attack, was later found by police in the home.

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