But trooper, we were only doing 85 BALTIMORE COUNTY

February 02, 1993|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Staff Writer

Were you ever in a really big hurry to get to a really important meeting? Did you shove the pedal to the metal and then see those flashing red and blue lights in your rear view?

Save your excuses for the judge, huh?

Not Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden and his county police driver, Kirk G. McCleary.

Officer McCleary was driving the executive's unmarked, gray Ford sedan southbound on the Baltimore Beltway and was entering the Key Bridge causeway Thursday at 11:20 a.m. when state police Cpl. Joseph Davis clocked the car at 85 miles per hour.

The speed limit is 55, according to 1st Sgt. Gregory M. Shipley, a state police spokesman.

When the trooper pulled the executive's car over, Officer McCleary walked back to the state police cruiser and spoke with the trooper for a moment.

Then he returned to the Ford and resumed the trip to Annapolis for a meeting with state officials and legislators on Mr. Hayden's proposal to regain county government control of the local jail system from the sheriff.

In the car's back seat were Mr. Hayden, county attorney H. Emslie Parks, and deputy county attorney Stanley J. Schapiro. Executive Secretary Marina Brockman was in front. Mr. Hayden said he wasn't sure how fast the car was going and didn't talk to the trooper. Officer McCleary, who has driven the last four county executives without incident, declined to comment.

Sergeant Shipley said "the driver was given a verbal warning and allowed to proceed." No written record of the stop was made.

Troopers are allowed discretion in deciding whom to ticket for speeding, Sergeant Shipley said, and Corporal Davis is not in trouble for not issuing a speeding ticket.

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