Wolk Press acquired by GraphTec

February 02, 1993

Graphic Technology Inc., known as GraphTec, has acquired the operating assets of Wolk Press Inc., a 77-year-old printing company based in Woodlawn. The purchase, completed Friday, was accomplished by GraphTec assuming Wolk's $1.6 million in debt, according to GraphTec President Bill Harrison.

Wolk had been financially weakened during the recession, and its principals decided to liquidate the company, Mr. Harrison said.

GraphTec has hired 35 of the 50 Wolk employees and was interviewing the remaining workers for possible jobs, he said.

The company will also continue to run Wolk's operation at 1815 Whitehead Road under a three-year lease with Wolk principals.

The Wolk workers who have joined GraphTec include Jay K. Goldscher, former Wolk president and chief executive officer, and Robert A. Linton, former Wolk executive vice president.

Founded in 1954, GraphTec is a full-color printing company with operations in Woodlawn, East Baltimore and in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The company has a work force of 239.

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