Identical twin sons of Stanley W...


February 01, 1993

JARED AND JACOB RICE, 6, identical twin sons of Stanley W. Rice and grandsons of Stanley C. and Melva Rice of Smith Avenue in Westminster.

School: Kindergartners at St. John School, Westminster.

Honored for: Learning to speak in small and large groups. Jared and Jacob spoke to almost no one during their first two months of kindergarten. Now, they participate in class and separate to play with other children they have befriended.

"They were very shy and withdrawn," Mrs. Rice said of her grandsons. "We give a lot of credit to the school and the teachers." She said it also helped that the boys could be in the same classroom.

Nancy Gregg, the twins' teacher, said, "The other children really provided a supportive atmosphere, and it was a real thrill for them and the teachers to see [Jacob and Jared] speak out."

Goals: Jacob and Jared look forward to days when they get to be "line leaders," when the class files outside for recess or other activities. "When they're line leaders, they come home and tell me about it," Mrs. Rice said.

Comments: Jared said his best friend in the class is a boy named Stephen. Jared said he likes to play with blocks. Jacob likes puzzles, and said Stephen is his best friend, too. The twins also enjoy cutting out their own puzzles and doing the weather report in class.

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