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February 01, 1993

Taneytown to ease rules on small lots

Taneytown City officials have instructed their attorney to draft an ordinance that will make it legal to build on lots designated as too small by city regulations.

City Manager Joseph A. Mangini Jr. said residents are concerned about the current law, which says any lot smaller than 7,500 square feet cannot be developed, because the law prohibits owners from developing their property.

"I can understand the frustration of those land owners who have lots smaller than the regulated size," he said.

The matter was brought to the council by a citizen in the Carroll Heights area who owns property smaller than the regulated lot size. As a result, Mr. Mangini said, the city is looking to make the small lots "buildable."

"We are looking into developing an ordinance that will allow people to build on those smaller lots, as long as the building conform to the other restrictions for developing their prop

erty," he said.

The structures built on the smaller lots still would have to fulfill the same setback requirements from streets as those built on larger lots, Mr. Mangini said.

American Legion post gives $500 to VA center

American Legion Hesson-Snider Post 120 of Taneytown recently donated $500 to the Martinsburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Post Service Officer Godfrey Miller presented the donation to the center's director, Thomas Weaver, for the hearing aide program for veterans who do not qualify for the program and for the cable vision not provided by the Veterans Administration.


* Taneytown: Firefighters from the Taneytown, Harney and Pleasant Valley fire companies were called at 7:18 p.m. Friday to put out a chimney fire on Old Taneytown Road. They spent 37 minutes on the call.

* New Windsor: The New Windsor, Winfield and Westminster fire companies responded at 9:52 p.m. Friday to extinguish a chimney fire on Marston Road. They spent 29 minutes on the call.

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