Union organizer not surprised vote at Merry-Go-Round failed 7/8

January 31, 1993|By Frank Lynch | Frank Lynch,Staff Writer

An official with the union attempting to organize warehouse workers at the Joppa headquarters of Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc. was not surprised by the overwhelming vote to reject the union's organizing efforts.

The election was on Jan. 14, but the ballots were impounded by the National Labor Relations Board because the International Ladies Garment Workers Union complained to the NLRB that the company had created a work atmosphere that discouraged workers from endorsing the union.

Thursday the NLRB denied the complaint and ratified the vote. Results showed that workers rejected the union 252-46.

"We [the union] felt that company had succeeded in destroying the at

mosphere of a fair election through constant intimidation of employees," Connie Brown, the union's regional organizer, said Friday.

The NLRB said it found evidence that the company, which owns a national chain of stores, had improperly questioned workers and banned them from discussing the union. The company did '' not say the allegations were correct, but settled them by agreeing not to commit such acts.

"In light of the numerous and serious unfair labor practices committed by Merry-Go-Round and the unsatisfactory settlement of those charges by the NLRB, any semblance of a fair election was impossible," Ms. Brown said.

Earle Shawe, an attorney with Shawe and Rosenthal, which represents Merry-Go-Round, said that the vote proved that "the union was attempting to impose itself" on a work force that was not supportive.

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