Banjara, 1017 S. Charles St., (410) 962-1554. A favorite...


January 30, 1993|By ELIZABETH LARGE | ELIZABETH LARGE,Restaurant Critic

Banjara, 1017 S. Charles St., (410) 962-1554. A favorite Indian restaurant of mine closed in this space, but the good news is that another Indian restaurant opened there. For the most part, Banjara serves the cuisine of the Punjab region of northern India, with its complex flavors and less fire for the sake of fire. More spices are used, in other words, but dishes aren't as spicy-hot. Only the seafood dishes on the menu are from the south. The combination dinners are a good choice if you don't have lots of people ordering lots of different food. Our meal at Banjara didn't involve any culinary trailblazing, but we enjoyed just about all of it. $$ -- moderate. (Last reviewed 1/93.)

Jilly's, 1012 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville. (410) 653-0610. This is a Pikesville hot spot (so much so that another Jilly's has opened in Ellicott City). Interestingly, it doesn't appeal just to the young folks -- although with its jazzy decor it looks as if it would. Everybody seems to love Jilly's. I'm not sure why, because our food, if not exactly dreadful, did have some serious flaws. The best of it was the ribs, fall-off-the-bone tender in a homemade-tasting barbecue sauce. Bar food, like the onion rings, is pretty safe. But the lasagna and the coleslaw were just about inedible, the salad contained brown lettuce and was accompanied by little packages of Kraft dressing. $$ -- moderate. (Last reviewed 1/93.)


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