Reich feels left out in arms raceLOS ANGELES -- Buffalo...

January 29, 1993|By Ken Murray | Ken Murray,Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES — Reich feels left out in arms race

LOS ANGELES -- Buffalo Bills quarterback Frank Reich won't complain about playing behind starter Jim Kelly, but he does take exception to the "big arm" mind-set in the NFL.

"I don't have a rocket arm like a Jim Kelly or a John Elway," said Reich, who played at Maryland. "And I think that, deep down, more than anything, that's the thing that's a little unfair.

"I've always thought there's more to being a quarterback than having a big arm. I also think that teams always look for their starting quarterback to have a big arm. . . . I have a very average arm, but I think there are other strengths and intangibles that go into being a quarterback that I feel I can bring to the table."

Reich, who led the Bills to their first two playoff victories before Kelly returned from a knee injury, said he would love to be a starter in the right situation. But he doesn't expect it to happen.

"Even with the success I've had on the field over the last two or three years, there's been no one banging down the doors wanting me as theirquarterback," he said.

Practice, practice

The Bills worked out for nearly two hours without pads yesterday. Afterward, coach Marv Levy praised their intensity this week.

"These practices have been superior," Levy said. "There has not been a lot of hootin' and hollerin', but they have been very attentive, and know why they came if practice is any reflection."

Phony tickets


NFL officials said they recovered two counterfeit tickets for Super Bowl XXVII. Greg Aiello, NFL director of communications, said two bogus tickets were purchased for $600 in the San Francisco area from a scalper by someone who had placed an ad in a local newspaper.

The fan became suspicious when he was contacted by a second party offering to sell him the same seats, which do not exist.

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