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January 29, 1993

Media made too much of Dontay Carter

As a concerned member of the young African-American community I am shocked and overwhelmed at the way the media covered the escape and subsequent recapture of convicted killer Dontay Carter.

Let me first make clear that in no way do I condone the criminal actions of Mr. Carter. He was found guilty of a series of felonies including kidnapping and murder. The way he escaped made for an exciting story.

I am appalled at the way police and the media made Dontay Carter out to be the second coming of Charles Manson. Is it because the persons who were taken by Dontay Carter were Caucasian professionals?

No disrespect is intended to the families of these brutal, and in one case fatal, attacks. But I see murders committed in African-American neighborhoods daily.

Why aren't the same intensive man-hunts conducted to find these murderers? Is it because the city does not value the lives of African-American youths as much as these Caucasian professionals?

As I watched the capture of Dontay Carter on television, I noticed the jubilation of the law enforcement officers on the scene. Why not be happy? Like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they had captured their man.

But why were the African-Americans on the scene cheering as yet another one of their youth was being incarcerated? That was nothing to cheer about. Don't cheer the failure of our irresponsibility as a community. Responsibility goes all around, and it's time we all assumed a piece.

It's time for improvements in our fair city. Baltimore is a powder keg ready to explode, and unless we snip the fuse it could get worse. Remember April 29, 1992, in Los Angeles.

Larry M. Stevenson Jr.


Rid schools of guns

The vice president of the National Education Association stated in a TV interview that 100,000 children carry guns to school every day, and that by day's end, 30 children will be shot dead.

This is a national disgrace and shows a collapsing culture. This gun proliferation is caused by the National Rifle Association, which has fought every attempt to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

The NRA has lost sight of its original ideals of promoting marksmanship and has become a merchant of death.

In a hearing on plastic guns, the head of the NRA spoke in their favor "to promote sales." This is one of the stupidest remarks ever made and shows how far the NRA elite have wandered from pTC any sense of civic responsibility.

Please, NRA, muzzle your paranoids and join the great majority of Americans who want guns out of the schools and off the streets.

oward H. Green


Franklin Square

Baltimore City's housing agency should affirm the hope of Franklin Square residents for the long-term renewal of the neighborhood.

The community association's plan to build 40 units of new housing, in partnership with a local non-profit development agency, has so far been rejected by the Department of Housing and Community Development. The department favors a developer based outside the city.

This bottom-line approach ignores important features of the community's plan.

The owner-occupied units would be quality-built on site to create jobs within the community. A portion of the developer's income would be used to establish a neighborhood community service office.

Future development and volunteer program capacity would result from the community's participation in the project. The opportunity to develop these assets will empower Franklin Square residents toward self-sufficiency.

Housing without community development can lead to failure. Putting our community to work while assuming more responsibility and less reliance on public funds is our goal.

Reinvestment that includes responsible community involvement will produce better long-term solutions to the daunting problems of the area. Our hope is built on nothing less.

Frank E. Long


Clinton changes

Thus far, Bill Clinton has backed away from his proposed tax relief, seconded George Bush in the matter of Haitian refuges and now follows in Mr. Bush's footsteps by not declaring residency in the District of Columbia to save income taxes. I thought I voted for change.

McNair Taylor


Community service

Senate Bill 2 is a bad bill that should be killed by the Maryland General Assembly.

S.B. 2 says that the Maryland Department of Education may not require a student who attends a public school to perform community service as a condition of graduation from high school.

The community service learning requirement is good for our students, citizens and our state.

On Jan. 20 President Clinton, in his inaugural address, called upon young Americans to embrace the calling of public service. He has challenged a new generation of young Americans to a season of service -- to act on their idealism by helping troubled children, by keeping company with those in need and reconnecting our torn communities.

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