Our local shopping center the other day we...


January 29, 1993

DRIVING PAST our local shopping center the other day we saw a sign in a window advertising a new tenant for a vacant storefront.

We were driving past fairly quickly, but have always prided ourselves on good vision and could hardly believe our eyes. "Church of Christ," the sign read. We couldn't imagine a church storefront in a suburban strip mall, but these days who would be surprised by anything?

It wasn't until several days later that we realized a.) we'd misread the hand-drawn sign, and b.) maybe it is time for an eye exam. The sign didn't advertise a church but a different sort of temple: "Chuck E Cheese."

* * * REMEMBER the Goof on the Roof, that Baltimore man who refused to come down from his perch until a new name for the stadium was decided?

It seems that such heightened exposure has caught on in other circles as well. Jorge Ojeda Guzzman, a 38-year-old tightrope walker, is trying to break the world's record for living up in the air: 185 days, a benchmark set in 1973.

When he is not performing on a tightrope, Mr. Guzzman lives in a three-by-three wooden box suspended 30 feet up in the air. There he eats, sleeps, watches TV, and yes, he even takes


The only bad news in this balancing act is that his wife -- she hates heights -- will be earthbound with the cooking, laundry and kids as her husband attempts to break the record.

One suspects that if he's not careful with the arrangement, his future may be up in the air for longer than expected.

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