Students to perform with Dallas Brass CARROLL COUNTY DIVERSIONS

January 29, 1993|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

The six-member Dallas Brass ensemble will make room on stage for 17 more musicians Monday when the group plays in Westminster.

And the young group, which has performed for international audiences, will look younger still.

The extras are brass and percussion students from the Carroll County's middle schools.

Many of the young players are members of the All County and All State bands.

"They were chosen because they achieved highly in all-county auditions or on their teacher's recommendation," said Glenn Patterson, supervisor of music and art for the Carroll County public schools.

"Of course, they all play well, too."

Dallas Brass, which has been on the concert scene for nearly four years, often invites young musicians to sound off with them.

Last year, more than 800 students in 33 states joined the brass ensemble on stage.

At one performance in Frederick, the group caught the ear of the Carroll County Community Concert Association.

"We were all so thrilled when we saw young people performing with them," said Virginia Brose, president of the association. "We gave them a standing ovation and asked them if they could do a similar concert for us."

Mrs. Brose said the professionals drawing in the young players reminded her of Harold Hill in "The Music Man."

"We like to encourage young people here, too," she said. "We took the idea to Glenn Patterson with a prayer that he would pick it up."

Mr. Patterson took to the idea immediately, he said. He called participating in the performance a wonderful opportunity that would

allow students a "firsthand look at professional performers."

The students received tapes and music for the their two selections about a month ago.

Mr. Patterson also prepared a rehearsal tape for them. They will practice with Dallas Brass for about an hour before the 8 p.m. performance at Westminster High School.

"Practice? Who needs practice?" said John Hill, 13, with a heartlaugh.

"We are good already."

His West Middle School teacher and band director, Kay Tippett, said the students are well-rehearsed, confident and ready to play.

"They did it all on their own," she said.

"The selected music is within their comfort range, and they all know they can do it," said Mr. Patterson.

As Ms. Tippett ran the horns through staggered entrance scales yesterday, she said her five percussionists are as "zany" as any jazz band.

With boyish banter, the guys provided examples of that zaniness.

"It's easier for you to play with that big mouthpiece," said trumpeter Daniel Myers to Chris Sarangoulis on the baritone horn.

"Yeah, but it's easier to hit the high notes with your mouthpiece," said Justin Geiman.

Jodi Martin, the youngest and only female player among West Middle's nominees for the performance, gave the four boys a "get serious" look.

Most said they chose brass by chance. John sampled several instruments before settling for his second choice, the trumpet.

At first, he wanted drums. Now he finds his horn more versatile.

"I picked the trombone because it looked interesting," said Justin.

"After my dog bit my lip, I couldn't play for almost a year," said Chris.

-! "By the time I started in the

band, the baritone was the only thing nobody else was playing."

The students said they have not developed any pre-performance jitters and are looking forward to Monday -- almost as much as their parents are.

They also are eager to toss off the school band's lavender bow ties for Monday's show.

"We are going in black tie then," said John.

Carroll Performers

These Carroll students have been selected to perform with the Dallas Brass at Westminster High School on Monday:

* East Middle School: David Malehorn, tuba; Kelly Norris, horn.

* West Middle School: Daniel Myers, Jonathan Hill, trumpet; Jodi Martin, horn; Chris Sarangoulis, baritone; Justin Geiman, trombone.

* Mount Airy Middle School: Carolyn Barnes, horn; Brian Moran, percussion.

* Sykesville Middle School: Carey Halverson, trumpet; Danny Krainak, trombone.

* New Windsor Middle School: Sarah Amass, trumpet; William Dahl, trombone.

* Northwest Middle School: Jason Tanner, trombone; Mike Boesler, baritone.

* North Carroll Middle School: Jessica Matthews, Sandy McCarthy, percussion.

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