Bus driver accepts probation before judgment on conviction

January 28, 1993|By Staff Report

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge gave a Mount Airy school bus driver a chance Monday to clear her record after her conviction for disobeying a police officer during a field trip to the Inner Harbor last spring.

Instead of hearing Wenda Kay Bollinger's appeal to her Aug. 31 misdemeanor conviction, Circuit Judge Joseph P. McCurdy Jr. offered her probation before judgment.

Her attorney, Ralph T. Ubersax, said Ms. Bollinger wasn't completely satisfied with the judge's offer, but she decided to accept it.

"The judge called us back into his chambers, looked over the file and suggested a PBJ," Mr. Ubersax said yesterday. "We took that as strong suggestion that we should accept the offer."

So long as Ms. Bollinger, 36, successfully completes six months of unsupervised probation, the conviction can be expunged from her record.

At her August trial in Baltimore District Court, Ms. Bollinger was found guilty of disobeying a park police officer.

Her appeal of that decision resulted in Monday's hearing.

On May 20, Ms. Bollinger was taken from her bus, handcuffed and subjected to a strip-search because she failed to respond when an plainclothes officer told her to move her bus because it was protruding onto Key Highway in front of the Maryland Science Center while she was unloading children.

She said the officer displayed identification but not a badge, so she continued unloading.

The strip-search and incarceration later resulted in an apology from Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke to Carroll officials.

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